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**Something to Remember - Why we are different then other Rescues/Shelters**

We are always answering "Why are our adoption fees not free if we have so many kittens?"

Please look deeply into the rescue or shelter when you adopt. Majority of them DO NOT spay/neuter, give their first year vaccinations or have them tested for the common diseases. That is how they can give them away for free. Free is not always free. When you adopt from rescues and shelters who give them away, you then occur the bills for the spay/neuter and vaccinations - which is well over the cost of our adoption fees. Our rescue proudly stands up against the issue of unwanted litters in the uphill battle of the overabundance of kittens. So give us a call today and you can meet your next furry friend!

FURever Friends spends a minimum of $130 on just medical care for each cat or kitten. When you adopt, you receive 10% off your first visit with Dr. Decktor. Our adoption fees are $75 on kittens and $50 on cats (but we always have adoption sales during our events). Our relationship does not end with your adoption; we are always available with you along the way to answer any questions or help with issues. Please consider making an additional monetary or supply donation to assist us in preparing the next pet for adoption.

Remember – a lifetime of love and companionship is PRICELESS!

Adopt Us... We are looking for homes!

All of our rescues below are looking for their FURever Homes. Each rescue has been spayed/neutered, up to date on their vaccinations, have been tested for several diseases and have a clean bill of health prior to adoption.

Adoption Fees:

Canines (7 months and older): $250.00

Canines (6 months and younger): $350.00

Felines (6 months and older): $50.00

Felines (5 months and younger): $75.00

*Adoption Fees are subject to change at any time*





We are in need of litter and dry food. Please visit our "Donate" tab for more information.

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